The Red Phone Chronicles: Pick Up the Phone Lord, It's An Emergency

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Is it possible to have an entire conversation with God?
To make an emergency call and actually have Him answer?
Word for Word relevant to your cry for help?
Yep. And we caught it all on paper.

The Red Phone Chronicles: Pick Up the Phone Lord, It's an Emergency is just that: a book of emergency phone calls to God. For those who are willing to keep it honest and real, anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, and everything in between can happen to all of us, from those with no faith to those of us with the strongest.


If you didn't think it was possible to hold an entire conversation with the Lord, in everyday talk, holding no bars, and have Him respond, Chris and Sabrina challenge you to read this book. The 26 "chapters" or "emergency 911 manuscripts" are actually illustrated excerpts from Sabrina's journal over 2017, which they describe as their roller coaster year of the ages. Every emotion possible threads through these pages.

Angry? God had a Word for it.
Broken? God had a Word for it.
Discouraged? God had a Word for it.
Flat out disobedient, sarcastic, and rebellious? Yep, He had a Word for it.

Find your own voice in the pages of this book and listen to God's voice respond to you just as clear as if He was standing next to you. No matter what you have to say or how much you have to vent, He's got a Word for all of it.

Pick up your Red Phone and Call.

He will answer.


Glossy Full Color 118 pages
Coffee table 9x9 square size
26-chapter/topic discussion guide in rear perfect for small groups and book clubs

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