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God is within her. She will not be moved. Psalm 46:5

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A Ministry for Women Led by Women

A sanctuary is a place of refuge and safety; a haven from an outside environment that assaults the mind, soul, and body 
with negative emotions or experiences. 

The mission of Sanctuary Girl is to minister to women in ways that bring them into the safety & security of truly  abiding in who they are in the eyes of God, while fulfilling their purpose using their God-given gifts & powers. Our goal is to remind them always that in Christ, they are and will always be:

Strong | Loved | Powerful | Redeemed | Enough

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This planner, this journey, it's all such an amazing blessing for my family. For all of us. And I got teary eyed this morning when a random stranger purchased the planner and joined the SG family. The privilege to share this blessing is worth far more than any rewards or prizes. Thank you for everything that you're doing.

Tiffany M. - TX

This was a truly renewing & restful weekend. But ..... it was so “Spirit filled” & poignant. I bless you Lord) for this time.

Angie J. -GA

If you're looking for a way to be renewed and challenged in your faith - you NEED to attend a Sanctuary Girl Retreat! Super amazing!

Rebekah N. -SC

Thank you doesn't even begin to express my gratitude, the English language is lacking in the adequate verbiage.... Sanctuary Girl is changing lives because you are obedient to the calling of God and allow Him to flow through you!

Amber J. -GA

Thank You for your support.